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 McLeod River Locating Ltd. (MRLL)

McLeod River Locating Ltd. (MRLL) has been providing expert cost effective Line Locating services to the oil and gas sector and industrial and commercial clients since 2004.

McLeod River Locating is headquartered in Whitecourt, Alberta but will provide services anywhere in Alberta.


 Locating Services

McLeod River Locating provides expert line locating services including locating buried pipes and cables and blind sweeping for unknown facilities. We produce electronic sketches on location and will file Alberta One Call requests on behalf of our clients if requested.

We are also experienced:

  • Establishing and surveying AGM Locations prior to smart pigging operations
  • Locating and sweeping Integrity Dig Locations
  • Locating for Seismic Programs


  Locating Equipment


McLeod River Locating hasn't found one instrument suitable for all locating environments, so we use a variety of equipment for line locating and underground facility locating. Each truck is equipped with the following locating equipment:

  • Radiodetection RD 4000
  • Fuji PL960
  • Metrotech 530
  • Subsite 75
  • Schonstedt metal detec